What is Android Oreo ?

By | October 23, 2021

What is Android Oreo? And complete information about Android Oreo – Today in this article we will give you information about Android Oreo. Today we will tell you what is Android Oreo? What are the features offered in Android Oreo? If you want to know about Android Oreo, then read our article till the last. In this article, you have been given complete information related to Android Oreo.

As you all know, today everyone in the world uses smartphones. A few years ago, so that smartphones were used for limited work, but today smartphones are used for a lot of work. Smartphones that were developed in earlier times did not have much processing of smartphones at that time. That is why we were given a normal operating system. But after this, when the features of the Android phone were increased gradually, then there was a problem in its processing. That is why the smartphone of different operating systems is now available in the market.

Complete Information About Android Oreo

How many features does our smartphone have? How much processing does our smartphone do? It all depends on which operating system is used in our smartphone. By the way, all the smartphones today are trying their best to improve their operating system. iOS blackberry KitKat This is the name of some popular operating systems.

For your information, just a few days ago, a completely new operating system has been launched by Google, which we know as Android Oreo. In this, we are given some special features that make this operating system slightly different from other operating systems.

What is Android Oreo ?

If you don’t know about Android Oreo, then you don’t have to worry anymore. In this article, we are going to give you complete information related to Android Oreo.

For your information, let me tell you that Android Oreo is a type of Android version. Android Oreo, Android version is an Android version launched by Google itself. This Android version has been launched by Google itself, due to which people are relying more on it.

You all must have heard in the news that Google launched Android O beta version exactly 5 months before today. After the huge success of Android O beta version, Google changed the name of Android O to Android Oreo. The first letter of the word Oreo in Android Oreo is derived from Oreo Biscuits. If you watch the official video of Android Oreo, then you see Oreo biscuits made in place of O.

What Android Versions Have Been Launched Before Android Oreo ?

For your information, let me tell you that before launching Android Audio, Google has launched several Android versions which are being used in a lot of smartphones today. If you want to know which Android versions have been launched before Android Oreo, then we are going to give the information below.

  • Desert-Eclairs
  • Froyo
  • Gingerbird
  • Honeycomb
  • ice cream Sandwich
  • Jelly bean
  • KitKat
  • Lollipaul
  • Marshmallow
  • Nougat

This is the Android version that Google launched before launching Android Oreo.

Android Oreo features

Many people have commented and asked us what are the features in Android Oreo? In Android Oreo you are given all the features mentioned below.

Wifi Communication

The most special feature in Android Oreo is WiFi Communication. This is a great feature. If you want to talk with a friend but you do not have an internet connection, then you can chat with any of your friends with the help of WiFi. In this condition, both phones must have WiFi on and both must be within the prescribed range.

Android tv

Under Android Oreo Android version launched by Google, you will get Android TV facility. All the Android versions launched before today did not have the feature of Android TV but you will get the feature of Android television in Android Oreo version. You can use any application in the background while watching videos using the Android television feature.

New Emoji

Emoji have an important role in chatting with WhatsApp and sending messages to someone. We share our mind through emoji. For your information, if you use Android Oreo launched by Google, then you will get to see 60 new emoji. Google has added 60 new emoji inside Android Oreo.

Battery Saver

Generally, all the Android versions are very high in battery consumption. But within Android Oreo, allredi will be given such features that you can stop the battery of your smartphone. Android Oreo controls more battery expenditure in your smartphone.


Android Oreo is great in terms of security. According to Google, so far about 60 billion applications are being scanned daily by Google Play Protect. If Android Oreo is available in your phone then no dangerous virus malware can enter your phone.

Instant Application

Usually if we want to take advantage of an application in one of our smartphones, then we have to download it from the Google Play Store, which fills our internal space. But inside Android Oreo you get instant application facility. So that you can take advantage of the application without downloading the application.

The Conclusion

These were some of the main benefits that you get inside the Android Oreo Android version. Today in this article we told you about Android Oreo. Hope you like this information. If you like this information, share it with your friends. Thank you very much for reading the article till the last.